Private excursions

If joining one of our set group trips isn’t your thing, we also offer private trips for couples, small groups of friends, families, and corporate team building excursions.

Our Community

Hear from the people who have joined our excursions. The people who joined as strangers and left as lifelong friends.

Yevgenity Skardinskiy

“Chris Puckett provides a sense of positivity, security and is personable and fun to be with. His goal is not only to show magnificent places while we travel, but also to show them in a way that keeps us interested.”

Mike Eisele

“I can’t put into words how exciting it was. I will always mark this down as one of my life’s most amazing adventures. I look forward to going on another excursion with Chris in the future. Once is not enough.”

Dominick Plado

As a naturally adventurous person who dislikes planning, Puckett Excursions provided a hassle-free opportunity for exploration. Chris meticulously handled every detail, from accommodations to unique experiences. I arrived as a stranger and left with lifelong friends.

Greg Land

“I’m not usually one for group travel, I like to explore and get lost on my own usually. But the small group and adventurous approach with Puckett Excursions has changed my perspective.”


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